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iPipe Services was formed in June 2013, initially as Nitrogen service provider to the CSG industry.

iPipe progressed to supplying major projects such as the QCLNG DN1200 main export pipeline and conducting pressure testing, pigging services and the de-commissioning of the Jackson Moonie pipeline. iPipe also became sole supplier of Nitrogen services to Santos GLNG including purging and leak detection services for the major facilities across the project. iPipe was the first company to join Achilles and gain NATA accreditation for pressure testing and calibration.

As iPipe grew, it expanded its offering to include complete gas facility shutdowns, flange management, hot tapping and pipeline integrity surveys across the CSG industry. iPipe also launched its Emergency Response offering in 2014 and has since been supported all the major CSG companies with activations in this field.

From its infancy, iPipe’s technology arm has  launched several new technologies, which is a mix of new inventions and adaptations. This includes low point drains, high point vents, specialised nitrogen generators, hot tapping, isolation technologies, pigging and gas efficiency technologies.

iPipe commenced general gas field construction activities in 2014, initially focused on brownfield projects but quickly expanding to include greenfield projects. This construction business quickly differentiated itself by combining iPipe’s specialist gas capabilities with general construction expertise, thereby a providing fully integrated and cost effective one stop shop for the major gas companies. 

iPipe has since undertaken a variety of greenfield and brownfield project across all the major CSG companies.

In 2016 M.H. Carnegie & Co. acquired 60% of the iPipe Group of companies in conjunction with a considerable capital injection.  M.H. Carnegie & Co. is a Sydney based private equity and alternative asset manager with $500m under management. The investment has significantly boosted iPipe’s financial and corporate capability to pursue its objectives of operational excellence, continual development of new technologies and successful growth of the business.