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New Technology Development

iPipe extensive technology development programs provide step change solutions to gas and water networks.

Some of our latest innovations include:

Low Point Drains (LPD): Water blockages occurring in the low points in a gas gathering pipeline is a common problem area for CSG systems. iPipe have developed proprietary LPD’s that offer significant cost savings and an innovative water removal methodology.

Isolations: Our priority flow stopping technologies are utilised widely for brownfield applications such as live tie-ins, emergency response and general maintenance activities. iPipe can isolate gathering systems up to 1200mm diameter for water and gas systems.

Hot Tapping: Hot tapping is a technique for drilling into a live network whilst still maintaining its operation. Our hot tapping process has been refined and qualified with operators for pipelines up to 630mm diameter. Our unique drill head design captures 90% of the swarf generated during the hot tap process thus minimising the potential for blockages on the network.

Gas Gathering Efficiency: iPipe, in conjunction with The University of QLD, is currently developing an infield system to optimise and improve the efficiency of gas gathering networks. This device will be available for commercialisation in late 2017.